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Price list

As part of our extensive program, we would like to draw your attention to our various routes and prices. The prices are calculated per Fiaker (4 people).

Fixed routes and round trips are calculated from the meeting point and back to the starting point (Stephansplatz or Michaelerplatz) per carriage (max. 4 people):

City tour takes about 40 minutes€ 105, –
City tour takes about 1 hour€ 140, –
Schönbrunn tour€ 85
From Stephansplatz to the Lusthaus and back approx. 3 hourson request
From Stephansplatz to the Lusthaus approx. 3 hours + 45 minutes stopon request
From Stephansplatz to the Prater (40 min.)€ 160, –
From Stephansplatz to Schönbrunnon request
From Stephansplatz to Grinzingon request
City tours 40 min. or 60 min. From the hotel or palace in the city center (1st district) the arrival and departure will be charged extra!on request
Transfer from hotels in the city center to the various palaces in the city center (approx. 15-20 min.)€ 150
For weddings, a white wedding carriage for two or four people, flower arrangement and white horseson request
Zeiserl carriages in Schönbrunn – adults€ 12.-
Zeiserlwagen in Schönbrunn – children€ 8.-
All prices are incl. 10% VAT.

Special requests are dealt with by telephone agreement.

We can provide up to 20 Fiakers for larger groups.
We also go in winter